JA Solar Panels

JA Solar Panels

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JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer of high performance photovoltaic products based in Shanghai, China. The company has been the world’s leading cell producer since 2010, and has firmly established itself as a tier one module supplier.

JA is committed to providing modules with unparalleled conversion efficiency, yield efficiency, and reliability to enable customers to maximize the returns of their PV projects..

JA Solar modules provide reliable quality and use PID- free components and all modules come with a 10 year product warranty on materials and workmanship, and a 25 years linear performance warranty. JA Solar offers its customers high quality products with higher than average efficiencies at a very good price to performance ratio.

If you want to find out more about JA Solar, you can find it here on their website.

Segen stock a range of JA SolarEdge smart panels to suit installations big and small, all of which boast excellent efficiency ratings and are fully compatible with the SolarEdge inverters also supplied by Segen.

Listed below are all the products supplied by Segen for , please select any of the listed part codes in the first column to view full details of the product.

JAM6(K)(BK)(SE)-60-295-PRPV PanelSmart ModuleJA Solar Smart Module 295W SK Percium Mono AB
JAM6-K-SE-60-300-PRPV PanelSmart ModuleJA Solar Smart Module 300W SK Percium Mono BF
JAP6(SE)-60-265-4BB-REPV PanelSmart ModuleJA Solar Smart Module 265W Riecium Poly
JAP6(SE)-72-315-4BBPV PanelSmart ModuleJA Solar Smart Module 315W Poly
JAP6-K-60-270-4BBPV PanelPolycrystallineJA Solar 270W (K) Poly 4BB 40mm
JAP6-K-60-270-4BB-F35PV PanelPolycrystallineJA Solar 270W (K) Poly 4BB 35mm
JAP6-K-60-275-4BB-F35PV PanelPolycrystallineJA Solar 275W (K) Poly 4BB 35mm
JAP6-K-SE-60-270-4BBPV PanelSmart ModuleJA Solar Smart Module 270W (K) Poly