Product Details

Product Details

SolarEdge - StorEdge HD Wave 5000W AC Coupled inverter

CategoryStorage Systems
SubcategoryBattery Inverter
Segen Part NoSE-5000H-AC
Supplier Part No
DescriptionStorEdge HD Wave 5000W AC Coupled inverter
Upgrade existing PV systems to have StorEdge, no matter what the inverter is.

Combine this inverter with a StorEdge Interface S4 for compatibility with the RESU7H-R or RESU10H-R.

Match it with the SolarEdge energy meter and a suitable CT on our design tool to complete your system.

- AC coupling means its perfectly suited for sites with three-phase SolarEdge PV inverters and non-SolarEdge PV inverters..

- Monitor battery status, PV inverter production, and self-consumption data for full visibility

- IP65 – Outdoor and indoor installation

- No high voltage or current during installation, maintenance or firefighting for maximum safety