Product Details

Product Details

SolarEdge - StorEdge HD Wave 3680W AC Coupled inverter with StorEdge 4

CategoryStorage Systems
Segen Part NoSE-3680H-AC-S4
Supplier Part No
DescriptionStorEdge HD Wave 3680W AC Coupled inverter with StorEdge 4
Upgrade existing PV systems to have StorEdge, no matter what the inverter is.

This package comprises the 3.68kW AC-Coupled HD-Wave SolarEdge inverter with a StorEdge Interface S4 for compatibility with the RESU7H-R or RESU10H-R.

Match it with the SolarEdge energy meter and a suitable CT on our design tool to complete your system.

- Specially designed to work side by side with three-phase SolarEdge inverters and non-SolarEdge inverters.

- Monitor battery status, PV inverter production, and self-consumption data for full visibility

- IP65 – Outdoor and indoor installation

- No high voltage or current during installation, maintenance or firefighting for maximum safety


The StorEdge AC Coupled inverter range does not work with power optimisers or as standard solar PV inverters. They should only be used in conjunction with the relevant StorEdge interface, energy meter and LG Chem RESU HV range.  


Product Documents
Data Sheet - RESU Range

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