Product Details

Product Details

SolarEdge - SolarEdge E-Series 7000W 3ph Inverter

CategoryPV Inverter
SubcategoryMain Unit
Segen Part NoSE-7000-E-3PH
Supplier Part NoSE7K-ZA00ENNN2
DescriptionSolarEdge E-Series 7000W 3ph Inverter

Rated Power7000W
Min PPT Voltage0V
Max PPT Voltage0V
The new E-Series from SolarEdge. Available in 4-8kW

As there is very little heat generation in the small and efficient 3 phase inverters, SolarEdge have removed the external fan from them, making them quieter and more efficient. The internal fan remains to keep an ambient temperature to prevent hotspots on the circuitry.

The heat sink is also smaller, altogether removing 1/3 the weight, for an easier install.

-        Noise level suitable for residential environment – No external fan

-        Superior efficiency (98%)

-        Small, lightest in its class, and easy to install

-        Built-in module-level monitoring

-        Internet connection through Ethernet or Wireless (Wi-Fi, ZigBee Gateway, Cellular)

-        IP65 – Outdoor and indoor installation

-        Specifically designed to work with power optimisers

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