Product Details

Product Details

Kraus & Naimer - K&N Single String DC Switch Disconnector 60A 800V

ManufacturerKraus & Naimer
SubcategoryDC Isolator
Segen Part NoKG80C-T108D
Supplier Part No
DescriptionK&N Single String DC Switch Disconnector 60A 800V

Rated Current60mm
Rated Voltage800mm
Kraus & Naimer DC Switch

Plastic Enclosures, Protection IP66, totally insulated, knock-outs
Handle black, in the OFF-position lockable with padlocks, Plate Backing grey
Contact development: 2 pole, 4 contacts per circuit (2 x 2 in series)
Dimensions (w x h x d): 272mm x 272mm X 172mm

Keywords: 51kW, KG80CT108D, Kraus & Naimer, Switches, DC Isolator, DC ISOLATER

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