Product Details

Product Details

ABB - Aurora CDD Wireless communication gateway

CategoryPV Inverter
SubcategoryMicro Inverter Gateway
Segen Part NoPVI-CDD
Supplier Part NoPVI-CDD
DescriptionAurora CDD Wireless communication gateway

Rated Power0W
Min PPT VoltageV
Max PPT VoltageV
The Aurora CDD is specifically designed to connect your Power-One Micro inverter system to the Internet in a simple a quick way. 
It uses wireless communication technology to monitor each Micro inverter without additional wiring. Through the web-based portal, you can view data on the daily and historical photovoltaic production.
Designer Note: The CDD is a required part for every Power-One Micro inverter installation - it is used to commission the system. If there is no requirement for monitoring of the system, it can be taken from site and used to activate subsequent installations.
The Aurora CDD is only compatible with Power-One Micro inverter systems. It should not be purchased for use with standard string inverters. 
Please see the CDD installation manual for full details. 

Keywords: PVICDD, Power One, Display, Micro Inverter Gateway

Product Documents
Data Sheet - CDD data sheet