Product Details

Product Details

LG - LG Mono X Neon 300W B3

CategoryPV Panel
Segen Part NoLG300N1C-B3
Supplier Part NoLG300N1C-B3
DescriptionLG Mono X Neon 300W B3

Rated Power300W
LG brings together world class engineering, design and manufacturing under one great brand to offer exceptional performance

The LG MonoXTM NeON premium series builds on the success of the MonoXTM line-up of high efficiency modules that led the industry in conventional-style solar panels with a 260W output and 60-cell panel design. 

Increased Energy Efficiency

With the introduction of the MonoX NeON module, the MonoX series is among the highest in energy efficiency in its class. Conventional crystalline products use 260W modules, while LG’s advanced MonoX NeON operates at 280W to 300W.

With LG’s advanced surface treatment technology absorbing more sunlight, the power output of the photo-conversion function is much greater than conventional multicrystalline solar cells. In addition, the night-blue cell colour and piano-black frame also adds a stylish finish to the MonoX NeON’s overall elegant design, which in residential applications is proving to be very attractive to homeowners.

Use our Quick Quote application to see prices for some ultra efficient great value 4kWp on-roof systems using just 13 LG 300W mono modules and our full range of inverters, ideal for maximising the energy from space constrained roofs with a total area of just 22m2.

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