Product Details

Product Details


CategoryPV Inverter
SubcategoryMain Unit
Segen Part NoTRIO-8.5-TL-OUTD-S
Supplier Part NoTRIO-8.5-TL-OUTD-S
DescriptionABB TRIO-8.5TL S

Rated Power8500W
Min PPT Voltage320V
Max PPT Voltage800V
Available in three power ratings: 5.8, 7.5 and 8.5 kW. The compact, transformerless TRIOs are the latest products in the family for their performance, ease of use and installation, monitoring and control.

The topology of the TRIO 20.0/27.6 inverters has been redesigned to ensure that the TRIO 8.5 model also enjoys high conversion efficiency across a wide range of input voltages, and the double MPPT gives maximum installation flexibility for an optimal energy production. The new generation inverters can integrate power control, monitoring functionalities, and environmental sensor inputs, all without requiring external components. A compact expansion card gives access to the Ethernet datalogger, which allows parameters to be monitored both locally (with the integrated webserver) or remotely (via the Vision portal), via with a LAN connection. 

This is supplied with a 5 year warranty - please see warranty document for full information 

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Product Documents
Data Sheet - TRIO-5.8-8.5TL
Brochure - ABB solar

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