Product Details

Product Details

Enphase - Enphase Power Line Carrier Ethernet Bridge Pair, UK

Segen Part NoEN-EPLC-03
Supplier Part NoEN-EPLC-03
DescriptionEnphase Power Line Carrier Ethernet Bridge Pair, UK
This part is not manufactured by Enphase and can be used as a standard Power Line Adaptor. Enphase supplied Powerline adapters are made by Tenda, current model is Tenda P200. 


The Powerline Carrier is a wireless Ethernet bridge that can be plugged into any standard AC outlet. No additional wiring is required making installation a lot easier. 

Simply plug one P200 that links to a broadband router into the power outlet in one room, and plug another P200 linking to a PC or any Ethernet device in the other room, you can then easily and instantly create a powerline network of up to 200Mbps.




Product Documents
Data Sheet - Enphase PLC Tenda P200