Product Details

Product Details

Samil - SolarLake15000TL-PM + SMU 15.0kW

CategoryPV Inverter
SubcategoryMain Unit
Segen Part NoSL-15000TL-PM-SMU
Supplier Part NoSL-15000TL-PM-SMU
DescriptionSolarLake15000TL-PM + SMU 15.0kW

Rated Power15000W
Min PPT Voltage400V
Max PPT Voltage850V
-- Simplified system design due to dual MPPT and wide input voltage range up to 1.000V
-- Free site selection due to IP65
-- Parameter and country code setting during initial start up
-- Interface selection – Ethernet and RS485 for more flexible configuration and system monitoring
-- Multi-lingual 3,5“ TFT LCD display
-- Easy key pad operation
-- Digital inputs for the economic connection of a ripple control receiver
-- Configurable multi-function relay output
-- Highest earnings through max. efficiency of >98%
-- Safe operation due to integrated AC / DC switch and AC / DC overvoltage protection

*Please note this is an SMU (String Monitoring Unit) inverter so it comes supplied with MC4 connections. 

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