Samil Power Inverters

Samil Power Inverters

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Samil Power Co. Ltd. is an international company, created in 2008 by the Samil Group. Samil Power specializes in research & development, production and servicing of inverters and is one of the fastest growing inverter companies around the world.

The Samil product set covers everything from micro inverters and string inverters to megawatt stations and in 2011, Samil Power became the top inverter exporter in China and the second largest inverter company in terms of sales volume in China.

More than 400,000 Samil string inverters have been installed worldwide and thanks to the more than 200 engineers working on research & development, the entire product portfolio has the highest quality standards. Samil's production facility is certified according to international standards, as are it's two research and development centres.

The company is dedicated to customer care, sales and service support and has dedicated technical expertise.

If you want to know more about Samil Inverters, you can find out on the manufacturers website here.

Segen has a vast range of SolarRiver and SolarLake inverters in stock.

Listed below are all the products supplied by Segen for , please select any of the listed part codes in the first column to view full details of the product.

SL-12000TL-PM-SMUPV InverterMain UnitSolarLake12000TL-PM + SMU - 12.0kW
SL-17000TL-PM-SMUPV InverterMain UnitSolarLake17000TL-PM + SMU 17.0kW
SL-25000TL-PM-SPDPV InverterMain UnitSolarLake 25000TL-PM SMU + SPD
SR-TL-S-RS485DisplayCommunicationSamil Solar River TL-S RS485 Ext. Card
SR-TL-S-WIFICARDDisplayWeb InterfaceSolarRiver TL-S WIFi card
SR-5000TL-DPV InverterMain UnitSamil Solar River 5000TL-D - 4.6kW Dual MPPT
SR-2100TL-S-DCPV InverterMain UnitSolarRiver2100TL-S - 2.0kW - DC
SR-3000TL-BSSPV InverterMain UnitSolarRiver 3.0kW Hybrid Inverter
SL-30000TL-PM-SMUPV InverterMain UnitSolarLake 30000TL-PM + SMU 30.0kW
SL-30000TL-PM-SPDPV InverterMain UnitSolarLake 30000TL-PM - SMU + SPD
SL-5500TL-PMPV InverterMain UnitSolarLake5500TL-PM - 5.5kW - DC
SL-8500TL-PMPV InverterMain UnitSolarLake 8500TL-PM - 8.5kW - DC