SMA Sunny Island

SMA Sunny Island

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SMA is the world's largest manufacturer of solar power inverters and monitoring systems for photovoltaic applications. They also have great options for battery storage or self consumption.


Sunny Island


The Sunny Island supports a wide range of on-grid and off-grid applications, and both systems have a number of compelling product features. Users benefit from SMA’s over 25 years of experience with battery inverter technology. Its high protection class, wide temperature range and overload capacity provide the kind of reliability needed for off-grid use.


Segen currently stock a full range of SMA products, including options for off grid and self conumption:

Listed below are all the products supplied by Segen for , please select any of the listed part codes in the first column to view full details of the product.

SI-SYSCAN-NRStorage SystemsCommunication ModuleCAN Interface for SI Master with Multiclusterbox
SMA-SRC-20Storage SystemsAccessorySunny Remote Control for Sunny Island
SWDMSI-NR10Storage SystemsAccessorySpeedwire Datamodule for Sunny Island
SIX-XHM-DEMOStorage SystemsDemonstration UnitSMA Sunny Island DEMO unit
SBSTORAGE-2.5Storage SystemsCharger-InverterSMA SB Storage 2.5kW HV Battery Charger / Inverter